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10 Ways to Improve Your State of Mind

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

  1. Write down how you feel. Writing down how you feel is a great way to express your thoughts if you don’t feel like talking to anyone. This can help you identify the root of your current unhappiness, which will offer a direct way out.

  2. Take a Walk. Getting fresh air has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve overall well being.

  3. Read a Book. Reading is a great way to distract yourself and also learn new things at the same time. You can even write down specific quotes or passages you love and hang them on your fridge or near your computer.

  4. Do something nice. Do something nice without looking for recognition in order to internalize those positive emotions that come from being kind.

  5. Listen to music. Music releases dopamine, which improves your mood and reduces your anxiety, and it can also help in the production of the stress-reducing hormone cortisol, so it induces pleasure, joy and motivation.

  6. Connect with someone close to you. Sometimes the best thing to do is to vent to a friend about what is on your mind. Human beings are social animals, and connecting with people close to you will help you feel better.

  7. Watch a funny movie or show. Laughter is medicine and a funny movie that can get you laughing will certainly help. (I recommend Adam Sandler)

  8. Meditate. Meditation will help to improve your mental health in many ways. It takes practice but meditation reduces stress, promotes productivity, helps you stay focused, Improves relationship, and regulates your mood.

  9. Exercise. Exercising is a great way to make yourself feel better. It improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative moods and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function.

  10. Cry. Researchers have established that crying releases oxytocin and endogenous opioids, also known as endorphins. These chemicals will help to ease physical and emotional pain. The best way to feel better is to let all your emotions out. Don't suppress them.

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